BLVD Provisions

BLVD Provisions has launched, orders can be placed below. Orders will be available for pick up and delivery. Shoppers will be notified their purchase is ready for pick up with a text message. Orders may be picked up at the restaurant or delivered from Tuesday – Saturday, 12:00 am – 6:00 pm.

How To Order

Step 1 :: Click Order Here Button
Step 2 :: Select Tock Sign In or Create Profile.
Step 3 :: Select Pick up or Delivery.
Step 4 :: Choose Items, Check Out
Step 5 :: Pick Up or Receive your Delivery

Orders can be picked up Tuesday to Saturday 11am-6pm at Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar
845 Burrard Street
Pull into Sutton Place Driveway and Text to have your order brought out

All safety protocols are in place to ensure product is back in a sterile and sanitary manner.
Products are vacuum sealed and sanitized before being packed



Cured and Ready to Eat

Oyama Rioja Chorizo 300g Sausage 15.00
A lightly smoked, savoury Spanish chorizo made from Fraser Valley pork and cured with plenty of Rioja wine, sweet peppers and garlic.
Oyama Fuet 250g Sausage 14.00
French style dry-cured salami. Pork, salt, peppercorns, garlic, white wine.
Oyama Finocchiona 250g Sausage 14.00
Air dried salami with fennel, red wine and garlic.

Fresh, Ready to be Cooked

Legend’s Haul Chorizo Verde 4pk 14.00
Mexican style pork chorizo with tomatillo, jalepeno, cilantro and garlic.
Oyama Okanagan Bordeaux 4pk 14.00
Local made red wine infused pork sausage that will add a new twist to your plate. Pork, red wine, parsley, salt, pepper. Gluten free
Oyama Miso Pork 4pk 14.00
Miso, pork, mirin, salt, soy

PREPARED MEALS – ready to reheat and serve

Feed 2 People Generously. Reheat and Serve

Vegetable Curry 18.00
Root vegetables, cauliflower, coconut, lime leaf and sweet spices. Not spicy.
Home Made Meat Balls (6) 16.00
Classic Italian Spices, Tomato Sauce. Ready for Pasta. Contains beef and pork.
Chicken Cacciatore 19.00
Chicken thighs braised with peppers, sweet herbs and tomato
Meatloaf Dinner Feeds 1-2 14.00
What’s better than a hearty meatloaf? Meatloaf, bacon, mashed potatoes, roasted carrots, peas, gravy. Contains beef and pork.
Mama Chen’s Malaysian Chicken Curry 21.00
Penang style aromatic curry with turmeric, lemongrass, ginger
Rigatoni and Sausage Baked Casserole 15.00
Slow Cooked Tomato Sauce, house made sausage, cheese. Bake at home for comforting family meal. Perfect for kids
Shepherd’s Pie 19.00
Prime beef, rutabaga, peas, garlic, pomme duchesse
Chicken Parmesan Feeds 2 22.00
Classic Italian dinner. 2 breaded chicken breasts, tomato sauce, fior de latte, basil
Blvd Jerk Chicken Meal 22.00
Spiced chicken drumsticks paired with a rich and spicy chicken gravy, roasted carrots, and white rice married with carrots and peas. (This item has a delightful kick of spice to it!)


Line Caught Wild Ling Cod 5oz x 2pc 12.00
Wild Ling Cod, Packed fresh. Delicate and firm.
Wild Coho Salmon 5oz x 2pc 14.00
Fished for BLVD by Rick Burns on the Pacific Provider. No finer Salmon exists
Halibut – New Season 5oz x 2pc 20.00
Wild new season Halibut. Whole fresh halibut arrive daily for perfect quality
Sous Vide Cooked Chicken Breast 5oz x 2pc 11.00
Marinated with Thyme, Lemon and Olive Oil. Fully cooked.
Pacific White Shrimp 12 pc Med/Lrg 16.00
Vacuum sealed for maximum freshness. Peeled and de-veined. Ready to be cooked as you wish.
Duck Leg Confit – 1 leg 9.75
Cured, marinated and confit in duck fat. Fork tender, fully cooked and ready to eat
USDA Prime New York Striploin 10oz 15.00
Only 2% of all US beef grades to Prime. Guaranteed full flavour, fully marbled and delicious
PEI Blue Dot Rib Eye 11oz 18.00
PEI raised with a small farm focus.


Boulevard Clam Chowder – 1 L 14.00
Baby clams, fennel, potatoes, cream, dill and celery
Chicken Noodle Soup – 1 L 12.00
Bone broth, carrots, onion, celery and noodles
Pea Soup – 1L 11.00
Rich, cream based, seasonal favourite.
Asparagus Soup – 1L 10.00
Made with local asparagus. Contains dairy and mushrooms
Tomato Sauce – 1L 11.00
Tomatoes, garlic, sweet basil, olive oil. Perfect to use as a base for your own culinary adventures.
Bolognese Sauce – 1L 16.00
Rich and meaty with ground meat, simmered tomato, herbs
Lemon Vinaigrette – 200ml 5.00
A BLVD staple. Lemon zest, juice, red wine vinegar, shallots, pepper


Boulevard Corn Bread 10.00
4 Pieces. Moist and rich. You’ll have cornbread dreams
Sous Vide Cooked Radish – 250g 7.00
Sous-vide with olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper. These are so different when they are cooked lightly.
Sous Vide Cooked Fennel $10.50
lightly cooked in olive oil, lemon vinaigrette, salt and pepper


Strawberry Rhubarb Cheesecake 12.00
Made with locally sourced strawberries and rhubarb.  Cheese mousse, strawberry curd, rhubarb compote, white chocolate crisp.
Caramel Chocolate Mousse $12.00
Caramel and chocolate.  A match made in heaven.  Caramel ganache, chocolate mousse, chocolate crunch.
House Made Ice Cream – 250ml 7.50
Madagascar Vanilla or Salted Caramel


Full Pack $175.00 ½ Pack $95.00

BLVD Vinaigrette 200ml
Chicken Noodle Soup 1 Liter
Bolognese Sauce 1 Liter

USDA Prime New York Striploin 10oz 4 pc
Line Caught Wild Ling Cod or Salmon 5oz 4 pc
Sous Vide Cooked Chicken Breast 6oz 4 pc

Chicken Cacciatore Feeds 4

3 seasonal vegetable side dishes


Boulevard Grill Pack 105.00
Gem lettuce caesar salad, Blvd corn bread,
1 x beef tenderloin, 1 x USDA prime striploin,
1 x PEI rib eye, 2 x chorizo verde and 2 x miso pork
sausages, ½ marinated chicken


Eggs – Coligny Free Range 1 dozen 6.50
Free Range, locally farmed, antibiotic free, vegetable feed only.
Eggs – Coligny Organic 1 dozen 8.00
Organic, free range, locally farmed, antibiotic free, vegetable feed only.



NV Cordoniu Seleccion Raventos / Cava / Spain 15.50
NV Drappier Carte D’Or / Champagne / France 69.50
2011 Blue Mountain Brut Reserve 55.00

The Hatch B Yanco / Pinot Blanc ++ / Okanagan Valley / Canada 16.00
Blue Mountain / Chardonnay / Okanagan Falls, BC / Canada 26.50
Chateau Cailleteau Bergeron / Sauvignon Blanc / Cotes de Bordeaux / France 22.50
Castel Firmian / Pinot Grigio / Trentino, Alto Adige / Italy 23.50
Garnier & Fils Chablis / Chardonnay / Burgundy / France 44.00

Tocado / Grenache / Campo de Borja / Spain 16.00
Famille Perrin / Grenache, Syrah / Cotes du Rhone Villages / Rhone / France 22.50
Andeluna / Malbec / Valle de Uco / Argentina 24.50
Noble Ridge / Meritage / Okanagan Falls, BC / Canada 24.50
Ch. Rousselle / Merlot, Cabernet / Cotes de Bourg, Bordeaux / France 34.00

Interested in more exotic wines. Email me:

Absolut Vodka 30.50
Belvedere 59.00
Grey Goose 59.00

Beefeater London Dry Gin 29.99
Bombay Sapphire Gin 33.75
Tanqueray 32.50

Bulleit Bourbon 47.00
Jim Beam Black Bourbon 33.75

Canadian Club 12yr Canadian Rye Whiskey 27.50
Lot 40 Canadian Rye Whiskey 47.50

Cazadores Tequila Blanco 41.25
Havana Club 3 yr Rum 29.50
Havana Club 7 yr Rum 41.25


Each cocktail kit comes with all ingredients required to make delicious cocktails at home, instructions and
at least 3 days of good cheer and hope.

Negroni Forever 79.99 25 x 3oz Cocktails @ 3.25 each
Before dinner, after dinner, during dinner. In times of need, the Negroni has always been there.
1 x 750ml Beefeater London Dry Gin
1 x 750ml Campari
1 x 1L Cinzano Rosso Sweet Vermouth
100ml Preserved Amarena Cherries

Margarita(ville) 89.99 25 x 3oz Cocktails @ 3.50 each
Spring is here and so is Margarita season. Tequila will always improve your outlook on life. Its science.
1 x 750ml Cazadores Tequila
1 x 750ml Cointreau
1 x 500ml Lime Juice
Maldon Sea Salt
Dehydrated Citrus Wheels for Garnish

(I Love) Manhattan 69.99 20 x 3oz Cocktails @ 3.50 each
Times are tough in the Big Apple. Let’s all raise a glass in solidarity.
1 x 750ml Jim Beam Black
1 x 750ml Noilly Pratt Sweet Vermouth
Angostura Bitters
100ml Preserved Amarena Cherries